EHelioS is a comprehensive Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) suite of applications designed to support administrative, operational, and business processes. It provides EHS best practices in a web-based software solution that can be used as an “off-the-shelf” product or customized to meet your needs.
EHelioS helps organizations address the common compliance issues they face today and facilitates key elements of the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 to support an organization’s environmental objectives, goals, and targets. EHelioS is an affordable, easy-to-access, easy-to-use information management solution for EHS professionals.
Information management is the enabling cornerstone of an overall environmental management system. A strategy to adopt an integrated EHS information management approach enables any organization to progress in an accelerated fashion towards the goal of world-class excellence in EHS performance.
EHelioS offered as a subscription-based software service provides a cost-effective solution that can support the needs of the smallest business to the largest organization. Please tour our website to learn more about EHelioS Applications.
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Lock Out/Tag Out

The Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) application provides a mechanism to document the process to systematically control specific hazardous energy sources for a piece of equipment. Once documented, this information can be printed in the form of an energy control procedure (ECP). The ECP provides the steps for an employee to shut down and start up a piece of equipment safely, as well as protect the employee from accidental start up while work is being performed. More Info

Confined Space

The Confined Space (CS) application provides a way to determine if an area within a facility is a confined space (as defined by regulation) as a result of limited access, special inspection, cleaning, or permitting requirements. Confined Space allows you to document hazards, controls (including personal protective equipment required for both entry and rescue), and a rescue plan. The OSHA standard assessment question answers are retained to document the rationale for declaring a location either “confined” or “permit-required.” In addition, location entry events can be tracked with printed permits. More Info

Shop Ergonomics

The Shop Ergonomics (ERGO) application provides a data repository where shop ergonomic practices and information can be assessed, managed, shared, and incorporated directly into business processes and culture. Utilizing Shop ERGO, impacts to personnel can be evaluated based on common criteria. This information can be used to identify and correct existing risk factors to facilitate a safe and productive work environment. More Info

Office Ergonomics

The Office Ergonomics (ERGO) application provides a data repository where office ergonomic practices and information can be assessed, managed, shared, and incorporated directly into business processes and culture. Utilizing Office ERGO, impacts to personnel can be evaluated based on common criteria. This information can be used to identify and correct existing risk factors and schedule the next assessment to facilitate a safe and productive work environment. More Info

Machine Guard

The Machine Guard (MG) application allows the user to detail the equipment-specific machine guard assessment and inventory information. The machine guard checklist guides the assessor through questions aimed at ensuring all requirements of the machine guarding program are satisfied. MG allows the assessor to document what specific guards are necessary, the hazards they control, along with pictures showing the equipment once it is properly guarded. The printed Machine Guard Summary Report may be posted at the equipment and used as an operator reference. More Info

Management of Change

The EHS Management of Change (EMOC) application provides a way to ensure that facility modifications, chemical changes, equipment moves or procurement, and process modifications are reviewed for EHS and facilities impacts. EMOC allows anyone in the company to submit and track a change request. Once submitted, an EMOC team is electronically notified and the review cycle begins. Team members review requests based upon approval categories and attach approval conditions as needed. Automatic e-mails are a key feature that allow the change management process to run smoothly and keep all appropriate personnel informed. More Info

Corrective Action Request

The Corrective Action Request (CAR) application offers a systematic process for tracking the tasks necessary to perform corrective action investigations, identify root causes, and implement corrective action plans in a timely manner. Automatic e-mail notifications facilitate timely resolution of tasks required to complete corrective actions. Corrective action requests can be issued and maintained from within other EHelioS applications. More Info

Action Tracker

The Action Tracker (ACT) application maintains the various action items involved with managing the EHS or Quality requirements of an organization. Action Tracker provides the ability to track action items independent of the subject matter covered in other EHelioS applications. An action item can be one-time or a recurring series based on a frequency and can be high level (Compact) or broken down into the line item tasks (Full). Action Tracker proactively reminds users via e-mail of coming due or overdue action items. More Info

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment (RA) application provides a mechanism for identifying, prioritizing, and controlling risks to worker safety and the environment. RA’s methodology integrates environment, health, and safety analysis within a common framework for any type of process. RA identifies process hazards, steps, risks, and control measures. Users also have the option of completing an Industrial Hygiene assessment against physical, biological, and chemical hazards. More Info

Incident Tracker

The Incident Tracker (ITA) application tracks and maintains medical (injuries, illnesses), other (near hits, unsafe acts), and environmental (spills, releases) incidents. Incident Tracker manages detailed information for each incident including initial input, automatic e-mail notifications, responsible organization, and OSHA recordkeeping. Integrated incident investigation is managed in the Corrective Action Request (CAR) application. ITA can also be linked to third-party medical software. More Info


Each EHelioS application provides a set of safety and management systems best practices and processes aligned with applicable regulations and delivered as a web-based solution. EHelioS applications can be used as standalone or as part of an integrated solution. All applications provide summary and ad hoc reporting. (more info)


All applications provide summary and ad hoc reporting. (more Info)

Waste Tracker

The Waste Tracker (WST) application provides a characterization methodology to detail the types of waste and scrap metal at a facility associated with operational processes. WST provides the capability to track all controlled wastes (hazardous, non-hazardous, universal, etc.) from point of generation (POG) to final disposition (shipment for disposal, treatment, reuse, or recycling) and provides automatic notification and reminders to help waste generators and handlers remain in compliance. More Info

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